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IRS Tax Stress?

When you try to handle your IRS case on your own, you will likely end up with negative results.  JDT Associates can help you! 

We are highly skilled at navigating the maze of IRS regulations, laws, protocols, negotiating settlements, and mediating on your behalf.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards in the quality of our work and making sure the customer's experience exceeds their expectations.


Do yourself and your loved ones a favor by exercising your right to have expert representation before the IRS.  

From our 22 years of experience, we know that waiting only makes matters worse.  We know how the system works!  

Once we are retained by a client, we take over all communication with the IRS so you can sleep easily and not have to worry about the intimidating phone calls or knocks at the door.  

We offer the professional tax help and advice you're looking for, as well as the satisfaction you deserve.

resolution roadmap outlines the process and how JDT Associates will help you manuver the maze and reach a resolution.

Take that first step, call us now.

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Why hire a Tax Resolution Consultant?

While taxpayers may always represent themselves before the IRS to resolve back taxes and IRS problems, many taxpayers find dealing with the IRS frustrating, time-consuming, intimidating or all of the above and so they make the decision to hire professional tax help (specialized tax attorney, tax resolution firm, etc.) to negotiate a tax relief settlement with the IRS on their behalf.

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